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Timeless... Opulent... Everlasting...

The Elysian Collection range of handcrafted fine porcelain and gilded brass tissue boxes are an Objet d'Art to be treasured. Made of the finest quality porcelain and hand painted by skilled artisans, these tissue box covers have been produced using original European antique patterns.

The Elysian Collection range of tissue boxes are intoxicatingly beautiful. The gilded brass embellishments are a mark of fine quality craftsmanship employing the centuries old lost wax casting (cire perdue) technique. Lost wax casting is a process of casting from an original sculpture. It is a time-consuming and arduous process but is extremely accurate in replicating superb detail ensuring durability of the object. The surface of the brass has been finished with a thin layer of gold powder using the decorative technique of gilding (Ormolu).  Ormolu was first produced in France in mid-17th Century during the reign of Louis XIV.

Traditionally, Chinese and European porcelains mounted in gilt-brass were luxury wares reserved for costly and ornamental ceramic pieces used for display and the finest European wares.

When you purchase a tissue box from Elysian Collection you are investing in a heirloom.

A timeless piece of art. A piece of old world opulence. A piece of history...

 “Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs at least one antique piece” – Jan Showers